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  • Postcode: BA22 8YH
  • Town/City: Somerset
  • Country: United Kingdom


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We provide a single-source for materials, expert knowledge and information and have developed strong collaborative relationships with many clients including, utility companies, civil engineers, main contractors, architects, local authorities and facilities managers.

ACS manufactures specialist, in-situ, secondary wood preservatives, mainly based on borates, including the solid rod, pastes and gels. ACS is the sole UK manufacturer of Boracol, a highly effective treatment for algae and organic growth on many surfaces, including garden furniture, cladding and decking. ACS supplies Boracol globally for the treatment of organic growth on yacht decking and includes some of the world’s largest super yachts amongst its clients.

The company supplies an extensive range of fire retardant coatings and intumescent coatings for timber to help meet the requirements of BS476, EN13501 and EN1364. There is also a comprehensive series of intumescent coatings, suitable for upgrading the fire protection of plasterboard walls and ceilings and structural steel, tested to both BS and EN standards. ACS also supplies the ACS FC0 Impregnating Fire Retardant Liquid, which is a cost-effective method of treating a range of both interior and exterior timber, including timber framing, fences, garden buildings, cladding and scaffold boards. ACS FCO has been tested in accordance with EN13501 on softwoods, hardwoods and particle board achieving a rating of B/S1/d0 (equivalent to Class 0 & 1 to UK Building Regulations).

ACS also has a successful position in dealing with the problems of condensation and mould growth in all types of buildings. The company has an effective range of fungicidal coatings coupled with knowledge and understanding of the inherent problems to help both housing managers and the home owner. In conjunction a number of antibacterial paints are available to provide high quality hygienic coatings for hospitals, care homes and all facets of the food industry.

Furthermore, ACS is a leading company in the specification, use and performance of masonry binders and products for use in the weather protection of building facades, including the use of water repellents and elastomeric masonry coatings.