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  • Town/City: Doncaster
  • Country: United Kingdom


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The Intastop range of products evolved from a series of market research surveys on building costs, where building owners and managers expressed concern at increasing annual maintenance costs, with doorsets featuring regularly at the top of the maintenance budget.

Today, through regular dialogue with clients, Intastop constantly seeks ways to improve existing product performance and to develop optimal solutions that meet the objectives of building designers, enforcing authorities and building management teams.

Working in close partnership with Universities and industry-related bodies, Intastop's design and production engineers strive to develop products that offer the practical solutions as well as the technical and commercial attractions that have kept the company at the forefront of door protection technology.

Now, with over twenty years experience in meeting the demanding needs of hospitals, airports, supermarkets and similar, Intastop offers a range of innovative and cost-effective protection solutions that increase building life and reduce maintenance bills. Many products are intended for retrofit projects, enabling protection, performance, functionality and interior environments to be updated without significant investment or interruption.

Intastop operates a stringent environmental policy in which all residual manufacturing materials such as waste aluminium and PVC-u are recycled, along with office paper and other wastes.

A range of customer services are available to meet a variety of needs including site surveys, presentations, quotations, product samples and custom made products.

None of the substances used to manufacture Intastop’s products appear in the list drawn up under the European REACH regulations.