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  • Town/City: Aylesbury
  • Country: United Kingdom


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A tree grows into a solid quality over 100 years. Osmo has gathered experience working with wood during its 100 years as a company. The correct handling, processing and long-term protection of wood as a natural construction material has always been our utmost priority.

For all segments of our production - flooring, cladding and garden - we only use carefully selected wood which is ordered by an extremely strict and high quality criteria.

Osmo completes its finishing with self-developed and self-produced colours and surfaces. The colour is based on natural oils and waxes in a unique combination. The vegetable resources are purified and refined and are safe for human, animal and plant.

Only a finish that fits the needs of wood can retain the natural beauty and durability of this material in the long term. Osmo, as a pioneer in this field, developed its microporous, natural oil and wax-based wood finishes over 40 years ago to achieve exactly these goals.