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The Cupboard Door Company

The Cupboard Door Company manufactures doors for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. An established, independent family firm based in Sussex, we’ve been supplying trade customers across the UK since 1986. Perfectly square, joint-less doors and frames are our speciality. Our bespoke lay-on and in-frame cupboard doors fit industry standard carcasses, which we supply to designers, architects, joiners and other interiors specialists.


Here at Bruynzeel, we are committed to providing innovative and versatile storage solutions. Our renowned and reliable mobile shelving is used in a large number of industries and sectors throughout the world, with the Bruynzeel name becoming synonymous with quality and ergonomics.

Preserving historical collections, storing confidential documents safely, shaping inspiring environments and enabling a whole new way of working… These are just a few examples of how our solutions can help your business. At Bruynzeel Storage Systems we are dedicated to creating workspaces that are stylish and functional, in order to make your work easier. Whether you need a storage solution for an office, museum, archive, library or something completely different, our ethos is always the same. We believe in partnership working; involving you in the development of a solution that suits you in every detail, tailored to your every need.

Supplier:   Bruynzeel

Bruynzeel Storage Systems delivers the promise ofSpacefulness with a unique multifunctional and space-gaining solution, flexibly integrating all aspects of office storage. This could include a cloakroom, archives, a library, a kitchen and a meeting point, all wrapped up in a jaw-dropping design, intuitively controlled with just one finger. Spacefulness is the new standard for gaining space, boosting profitability and creating the perfect conditions for true office innovation, heightening productivity and enhancing a sense of well-being.

Supplier:   Bruynzeel

Despite increasing digitisation, many types of documents and objects still need to be stored in a physical archive. Objects of historical value and legal documents often need to be held in their original form. Some organisations will choose to maintain physical archives for speed and ease of access.

Supplier:   Bruynzeel

At Bruynzeel, we understand the key issue when designing a museum repository is to preserve an irreplaceable collection. In addition, the collection should be accessible at all times. Bruynzeel has extensive experience in furnishing museum repositories.

Supplier:   Bruynzeel

A library is a dynamic environment that should offer the freedom to relax, to meet people, to discover and to foster personal development. It should be an inspiring place while at the same time providing a peaceful atmosphere. It should be a pleasant space in which you can move happily and comfortably, knowing that the information you require can be found easily.

Supplier:   Bruynzeel

The SHADE design by Jacob Jensen guarantees the versatility to install a storage system in virtually any location - even in the heart of today's modern office. Through the fusion of stylish design and cutting-edge technology, Bruynzeel provides a comprehensive range of multi-purpose storage solutions, which successfully satisfies the diverse needs of an equally diverse range of private and public sector organisations throughout the world.

Supplier:   Bruynzeel
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