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BioCote® provides built-in protection against harmful microbes, including bacteria, mould and viruses by up to 99.99% for the expected lifetime of the product. By incorporating BioCote® technology into your manufacturing process you are not only creating a built in antimicrobial feature within your products but also adding Value to your business.

Who is BioCote?  BioCote Ltd is more than just an additive supplier; we offer a range of antimicrobial Solutions/products and services to suit your business needs and budget.

Why choose BioCote?  When entering the world of antimicrobial technology there is more to consider than simply the additive. BioCote can offer the complete solution.

Did you Know…  During the last 12 months alone nearly 4 tonnes of polymer and 133 tonnes of coatings were supplied to over 100 market leading brands and companies manufacturing over 150 different BioCote treated products around the world.

Global.  You will find an increasingly diverse range of products carrying the BioCote® logo in homes, hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, laboratories, food processing facilities and washrooms on every continent around the world.

Trusted.  BioCote® supplied antimicrobial technology to over 100 manufacturing companies, (including a number of household products) producing a vast range of BioCote® treated products.

Confidence.  BioCote treated products that have been independently tested have demonstrated up to 99.99% reduction in micro-organisms, such as bacteria, mould and fungi.

Evidence.  BioCote® demonstrates a 2-hr, 99% bacterial reduction rate against E.coli and MRSA bacteria. BioCote® treated materials have been proven effective against mould and the H1N1 virus.

Compliance.  BioCote Ltd holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. BioCote antimicrobial technology has approvals for use in a wide variety of applications.

Knowledge.  BioCote Ltd.’s in-depth understanding of ever evolving biocidal legislation and its commercial implications will allow you to market your product to a global audience with confidence.

Ethical.  BioCote® collaborates with some of the UK’s leading research universities including Warwick’s School of Life Sciences, Oxford & Northampton and the Imperial College London, and respected academics to better understand the science behind our technology