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Here at Bruynzeel, we are committed to providing innovative and versatile storage solutions. Our renowned and reliable mobile shelving is used in a large number of industries and sectors throughout the world, with the Bruynzeel name becoming synonymous with quality and ergonomics.

We stock a variety of styles of mobile shelving systems that have been designed for the specific needs of offices, archives, libraries, museums and anywhere else that requires state of the art mobile storage units.

Ideal for either libraries or museum repositories, our archive storage solutions can help you store a larger quantity of items in a smaller area, thus increasing the overall storage capacity of your building. Our wide range of archive storage systems can be used to store an array of items for easy and quick access, and can be installed into just about any building.

For those who work in an office, our superb range of office storage solutions and office shelving can solve myriad problems. Without office storage cabinets, offices can easily become cluttered and untidy, which can lead to the loss of important items or documents. However, by implementing Bruynzeel’s office storage systems, this can be avoided and anything of importance can be stored away safely and in an organised fashion, making retrieval quick and painless.

We pride ourselves on offering unique office storage solutions for a wide range of industries. Through the use of our intuitive office shelving systems, we have improved storage capabilities for many businesses and service across the globe, which is why we’re confident we can do the same for you.