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In previous years - Dallmer was founded in 1913 as an engraving-die producer - no matter how innovative our products may have been, they were simply known as "installation fittings".

All this has changed. What counts today is no longer just functionality without an attractive form. The idea of "the bathroom is just somewhere you wash" has changed : the bathroom has turned into a room catering for many aspects of body care. With an increasing trend towards individualism and self-determination backed by ever rising standards of living, people have begun to invest far greater value in the design of the rooms they live in. For us, this opens up a wide variety of opportunities for the development of new and more attractive solutions for the task of efficiently removing water from inside and around buildings.

Our credo is: perfect products result from an interplay of outstanding functionality, high-quality materials and good design. It is only when all of these conditions are properly met that we can be satisfied with the results. A brief glance at our range shows just how much investment of time and effort has been made. That's what makes all the difference for us.

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