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In the event of an emergency, ensuring you are fully prepared with an evacuation plan and the correct equipment will reduce the likelihood of an accident. In most cases, with the lifts being out of service the stairs is the safest option, however for some individuals this is not always the easiest.

Evinox Energy Limited

Evinox Energy specialise in providing integrated communal heating solutions - from initial survey to system design, product supply, ongoing trouble-free maintenance and a comprehensive support package including energy metering, billing and a revenue management service.

Elta Fans

With more than 40 years in the ventilation industry, Elta Fans drive for perfection in everything we do remains constant – We strive to identify, cultivate and exploit our core competences.


Eurocell is the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of UPVC products thanks to a combination of precision extrusion capabilities, product innovation and customer service excellence.