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Elta Fans


  • Postcode: DY6 7US
  • Town/City: Kingswinford
  • Country: United Kingdom


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With more than 40 years in the ventilation industry, Elta Fans drive for perfection in everything we do remains constant – We strive to identify, cultivate and exploit our core competences.

For the core competences of our business do not diminish as with physical assets – Out culture mans Elta Fans constantly nourishes and cultivates these competences as they not only blind our business together, they are the mechanism within for continuous development and customer satisfaction.

So when you choose Elta Fans, for its capabilities in performance or sound criteria, there’s an assurance that every detail for every aspect is pursued with every effort to enhance customer appeal.

The fact is, choosing the right fan manufacturer for your requirements is an important decision for these following reasons:
  • Elta Fans is part of the £90 million Elta Group, a family of businesses with operations in seven countries on four continents which - together with a network of international distributors – provides quality ventilation equipment to customer worldwide.
  • Elta Fans Extensive distributor network - We have over 90 distributors in the UK.
  • Elta Fans attracts some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the H&V industry, providing excellence in technical support and a level of customer service the envy of many.
  • Depth of stock of standard products we carry, or the flexibility to respond quickly to more specialist product requirements.
Areas of operation: