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The £4m, 1950m2, two floor, state of the art facility, which is located on The Silverlink, Newcastle, reflects the prestige and exclusivity of the Aston Martin brand and benefits from an extensive range of new and ‘timeless’ pre-owned Aston Martin models. The spectacular showroom opened in March 2016, unveiling for the first time in the UK, the DB11 model.

A range of Mapei products were specified to complete the 700m2 tiling project installed by one of the leading ceramic tiling contractors - P Plunkett Tiling Contractors Ltd., Newcastle. Products specified include Mapei’s Eco Prim Grip which was used to prime the power floated concrete once cleaned. Mapetex, the anti-fracture de-coupling membrane for use under ceramic, porcelain and stone tiled floors, was later installed with Keraquick and Latex Plus over saw cut joints and cracks within the concrete.

In addition, Mapei’s Ultraplan Eco was used to achieve a perfectly smooth, flat and level surface in which to lay the stone tiles. Topcem which is ideal for the formation of screeds allowing traffic after 12 hours and ceramic tiles to be laid after 24 hours, was used to create ‘runners’ and ‘wells’ to pour the leveller into.

Adesilex P4 was used as an adhesive screed to create a flat surface enabling the contractors to tile the external areas of the showroom, but whilst also creating a fall. Adesilex P4 is a high performance, rapid setting cementitious adhesive for ceramic and stone installations and also carries an EC1 rating.

Large, Travertine Navona tiles in a honed finish, were specified to tile the luxury car showroom floor, mezzanine and external display areas of the new development. To fix the large format, difficult to install tiles, Granirapid white was utilised, applied in a ‘back buttering’ method to ensure 100% adhesion to the pre-prepped substrate. For the grouting, Mapei’s Ultracolor Plus Grout in shade 132 (beige) was specified providing a high performance, quick setting and drying mortar. The Ultracolor Plus grouts also contain water-repellent technology, DropEffect and mould resistant technology, BioBlock.

Once the feature steel staircase was cleaned, Eporip was utilised blinded with sand, levelled with Adesilex P4 and the stone tiles were fixed with Granirapid in white.

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