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Mapei’s Mapethene EQ is a self-adhesive bituminous membrane for waterproofing and damp-proofing applications. Made by a high technology calendering process during which a special polymer modified bitumen layer is bonded to a carrier film of high density polyethylene (HDPE), Mapethene EQ provides a continuous waterproofing layer of uniform thickness to the outer surface of below ground or partially below ground concrete and masonry structures. Mapethene EQ may also be used as an effective damp-proof membrane beneath un-bonded screeds.

Ed Pilkington, Waterproofing Product Manager at Mapei commented, “Mapethene EQ is an important addition to Mapei’s portfolio of waterproofing solutions, and is ideal for use in shallow basements and structures that are partially buried due to a sloping site. Mapethene EQ has been specifically formulated to provide low temperature flexibility and adhesion, it is ideal for the UK climatic conditions ”

Mapethene EQ is defined as a TYPE A barrier within BS 8102: 2009 and is produced in accordance with EN 13969:2004. Mapethene EQ will develop an excellent bond with most mineral substrates when used in combination with Mapethene Primer. The Mapethene primer is solvent free and does not adversely affect the health of installer or the end user.

Email or call 0121 508 6970 for more information and technical assistance regarding the Mapethene EQ waterproofing system.