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  • Postcode: B63 3XB
  • Town/City: Halesowen, West Midlands
  • Country: United Kingdom


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The Lindab Rainline rainwater system uses the very best in lightweight galvanised steel to create a contemporary, cost effective and eco-friendly guttering solution that won’t shrink, split or leak- and looks great too.

The superior steel rainwater system has been tested to offer the best rust-free installation, requires minimal maintenance and has a life expectancy in excess of 70 years.

Rainline is a truly complete system with half round gutters in four dimensions, rectangular gutters, downpipes in five dimensions, a range of vandal reinforced products and an extensive range of components.

Eleven standard colours of high build polyester coating are available which will not fade and offer an unrivalled 15 year warranty. Stylish uncoated galvanised or natural copper systems are also available; ideal for any type of building, large or small, traditional or contemporary, residential or commercial.

Lindab’s steel rainwater system has proved itself to be the most environmentally friendly material available, with a natural place in today’s approach to green sustainability.

A study on the life cycle assessment of rainwater products in different materials has compared the environmental impact of products, processes and disposal of seven different materials, covering their entire life cycle from cradle-to-grave. This study covers materials frequently used in rainwater products such as aluminium, zinc, copper, cast iron, galvanised steel and plastic. This life cycle comparison includes the steps taken up until a product leaves the factory gate; extraction of raw materials, production, energy used, including transport, plus disposal, recycling or waste treatment after use. The environmental impact of all seven materials clearly shows that steel, in a product life cycle study, has the lowest carbon footprint of any of its competitors.

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