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  • Town/City: Flint
  • Country: United Kingdom


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Our portfolio of BBA approved systems are available in a range of colours and finishes, and are ideal for both refurbishment and new build applications including flat roofs, green roofs, balconies, gutters and lead and copper reproductions. Our systems are installed via our national network of approved contractors and are available with insurance-backed guarantees for up to 20 years.

Polyroof technical support

Polyroof’s reputation has been built on the high level of technical support provided to customers before, during and after every contract. With extensive knowledge and application expertise to Polyroof will recommend the most suitable system to match the performance requirements and budget considerations of clients. The Polyroof technical team will carry out site surveys and produce detailed roof specifications, drawings and proposals to NBS standards. They will advise and assist architects, specifiers and contractors in all aspects of the use and application of our range of liquid applied systems.

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Commercial Furniture & Fittings, Ground Improvement, Domestic Furniture & Fittings, External Furniture & Fittings, Industrial Furniture & Fittings, Floor Coverings, General Products for Coverings, Roof Coverings, Companies

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