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ROCKPANEL® Group is part of ROCKWOOL International A/S and specialises in the manufacture of board material for exterior façades, roof edge finishing, fascias and other detailing which is made from the sustainable material basalt. This volcanic rock is available in abundance and is the basis for the unique properties of all ROCKWOOL products. With ROCKPANEL boards, the benefits include lightweight yet robust boards that can easily be shaped and cut to create cutting edge modern architectural façades involving approaches such as layering and organic shapes, while always remaining focused on costs and installation times.

ROCKPANEL Group combines the advantages of stone and wood in a single product. The products have been used in different countries for many years to finish façades, roof features and building details. As rainscreen cladding in ventilated constructions, the boards provide a cost efficient, safe and stylish finish for any building, whether a refurbishment or new build project. ROCKPANEL products are commonly applied in ventilated constructions and they contribute to a healthy internal climate for the building. Such buildings include housing developments, manufacturing facilities and public or commercial buildings, whether a refurbishment or new build project.

ROCKPANEL board material is available in different RAL colours and different designs. Each product has its own beautiful characteristics. Ideal for façades, roof-edge applications or for special details like ceiling, entrances or infilling. Classic or bold, restrained or playful, charming and idiosyncratic. With ROCKPANEL board material you will give every house or industrial building a unique look. ROCKPANEL is as durable as stone, low maintenance, fire-safe and weather, temperature and UV proof. The colours remain stable, so your building keeps its original freshness and good looks for a long time to come.

Sustainable from beginning to end
Given that ROCKPANEL products bring together the benefits of stone and wood, they are increasingly sought after by constructors and building engineers developing and constructing sustainable buildings. ROCKPANEL products have been independently tested by the British Building Research Establishment (BRE) and as guaranteed sustainable building materials, come with the corresponding Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – a total of 16 construction elements attained an A+ or A rating.

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