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The Company’s policy of continuous product development has resulted in a range of units with applications ranging from significant noise reduction and thermal insulation to environmental controls and protection against bomb blast or sustained physical attack.

Having designed and produced units for specific uses, Selectaglaze ensures that wherever possible, they are independently tested and certified so that our clients may rely upon the quality and assurances of the products and the Company itself. It’s an approach to taking the business seriously that extends to issues of training and Health & Safety and has been recognised through independent certification and the granting of a Royal Warrant.

Quality Assurance
Certification to ISO 9001 underlines Selectaglaze's commitment to quality and regular audits through the Loss Prevention Certification Board ensure continued compliance.

Certified Security
Secured by Design is an initiative supported by The Association of Chief Police Officers to 'design out crime'. Selectaglaze is a Licensed Company and offers products meeting the standard for 'Police Preferred Specification'. Those for blast protection are tested in accordance with BSEN 13123. Those for protection against physical attack are tested to Loss Prevention Standard LPS1175.

Acoustic Test
Window styles are independently tested for acoustic performance in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995.

As a service to architects, Selectaglaze subscribes to the NBS Plus scheme whereby product details may be transferred directly into building specifications.

Selectaglaze has been authorised by the Royal Institute of British Architects to provide CPD training "Understanding & Specifying Secondary Glazing" to their professional members.

Health and Safety
Selectaglaze is accredited within the Contractors' Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and has been awarded a certificate of achievement, Gold Standard, under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

Approved Contractor
Construction Line Registration No.2964 certifies that Selectaglaze meets prequalification requirements for public and private sector procurement as agreed with the Department of Trade and Industry.

Building Centre
Many of our products are on permanent display in the Building Centre, Store Street, London W1E 7BT.

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