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  • Postcode: HG3 3BG
  • Town/City: Nidd, North Yorkshire
  • Country: United Kingdom


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Much of the knowledge gained and technology used in the then manufacture of chemical and electronics storage and housing can be seen in our products today.

Taplanes specially formulated Polypropylene and patented plastic welding technology are two of the key elements previously utilised in the manufacture of inert and secure chemical storage which are now an integral part of our current production.

Our electrical testing process, used to pick up any minute gaps in our plastic weld, is another vital technique previously used to test the welds in chemical tanks and remains an equally vital part of our shower unit testing ensuring all of our products are 100% watertight.

By utilising a tried and tested material and manufacturing technique and continuously developing our product to remain one step ahead of a quickly evolving market place Taplanes has successfully reached it’s 30th year of trading and is proud to be the oldest manufacturer of shower cubicles and ensuite pods in the UK.

Areas of operation: