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With a unique capillary structure that absorbs up to 30 times its own weight in water, VYDRO® substrate can help prevent rainwater run-off and dramatically reduce the need for irrigation. A high water buffering capacity of between 40-60%, means exactly the right balance of air, water and nutrients is locked away for thirsty plant roots to access on tap – a major benefit in hot, dry countries where water is often in short supply.

Green roofs: Up to 70% lighter than most other growth mediums, VYDRO® substrate can be used to create intensive and extensive skyrise gardens on any sort of building – including older properties where structural integrity may be a critical factor. With roofs accounting for 50% of sealed surfaces in urban areas, and 80% of roof rainwater running to waste, green roofs offer major sustainability benefits. They help:

• Reduce the risk of flooding by storing over 50% of the roof water than runs to waste

• Improve air quality by introducing plants that act as filters to absorb pollutants

• Lessen noise pollution by using foliage to dampen sound

• Cut the urban heat island effect by removing hard, heat absorbent roof surfaces

• Enhance biodiversity as plants lure insects, birds and wildlife to form new habitats.

Living walls: VYDRO® substrate can transform bare walls into a thriving green oasis with striking visual effect, indoors and out. In the past, living walls have been prone to fail because of the practical limitations of conventional plant-growing media, which can be heavy, expensive to irrigate and problematic when it comes to maintaining the right pH and nutrient balance. Ultra light, more versatile and easy to handle, VYDRO® substrate removes the need for heavy supporting metal frames, cutting costs. It also makes it possible to ensure uniform water and nutrient distribution.

Soft landscaping: When it comes to greening the urban environment through landscaping projects, turf planted on a layer of VYDRO® substrate requires far less watering to remain lush and green. Independent research has proved that reducing irrigation by just 20% can cause conventional grass samples to go into stress and begin to yellow. In contrast, grass planted on VYDRO® substrate retains its color – even when watering is reduced by up to 40%.

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